Bulging Veins

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Last updated on Nov 15, 2022

Bulging Veins

Noticed bulging veins in your legs, recently?

‘Bulging veins’ are the veins that bulge through the skin and are abnormally swollen or twisted. These veins may have a twisted or rope-like appearance and appear blue or purple in hue. With a single touch, you can immediately recognise their distinctive form. Legs are the most common site for them to form, although they can arise elsewhere in the body.

Veins that bulge through the skin are the most obvious sign of a more serious ailment known as varicose veins.

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What makes veins bulge?

It’s possible you have varicose veins if you see bulging veins. Approximately one-third of all adults experience this problem.

The veins in your legs can be classed as deep or superficial (those close to the skin). If the superficial veins (those closest to the skin) get damaged, varicose veins may develop. Veins lengthen and widen as blood pressure increases. In a typical situation, blood in your leg veins only flows back toward your heart because of one-way valves. Problems with these valves can lead in blood refluxing within the veins resulting in blood pooling and vein distension. This may lead to veins abnormally protruding at the skin surface (i.e. varicose veins).

There are a variety of disorders that can cause veins to bulge. Among the causes of bulging veins are:

  • Varicose veins
  • Ageing
  • Clotting Blood Inactivity
  • Abdominal tumour or mass
  • Pregnancy
  • Abnormality of the valve structure in the vein
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Underlying medical conditions, like vasculitis or chronic venous insufficiency.

Leg symptoms that may accompany bulging veins

Veins that bulge may be accompanied by additional symptoms affecting the legs, such as:

  • Aching pain that may worsen with prolonged sitting or standing
  • Pigmentation of the skin
  • A sense of heaviness in the legs
  • An itchy rash that causes irritation
  • Leg swelling
  • Restless legs
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How can we diagnose bulging veins?

Bulging veins are noticeable on examination. However, a vein specialist may suggest getting an ultrasound of the leg to help look for the underlying cause of the bulging veins. This ultrasound can determine the direction of blood flow within the veins and also look for blood clots.

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Why should bulging veins receive treatment?

In your legs, bulging veins might lead to other health issues. They may become irritated and lead to inflammation in the nearby skin and cause more damage if left untreated. 

In order to provide optimal treatment, the underlying cause of the bulging veins should be addressed. In the case of bulging varicose veins, it is crucial that the underlying venous reflux is treated, ensuring the best possible outcome and minimising the chance of varicose vein recurrence. Vein Doctors Sydney provides a wide range of endovascular treatment options, including:

To read more about these treatment options, click here. Consult Dr Ryan McConnell at Vein Doctors Sydney about the best venous treatment options for you.

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